The competition was held to create love for the environment by making best out of waste with the help of recyclable things. The competition was open to all students of class I to IV. They used their imagination and creativity to make innovative things. Students used broken bangles, plastic bottles, waste nails, peanut shells beads, old CD etc. All these things which are waste in our day to day life were used in constructive manner and variety of things were made from them. Students made cloth doll, wall hanging with bangles, night lamp with bottle and paper flowers were artistically made. The criteria for the competition were; presentation, use of material, innovation and overall effect. The activity displayed creativity of the little ones and developed sense of love for environment. The teachers appreciated the students by giving certificates to the best ones and motivated them to reduce the waste to save our planet Earth. They also appreciated the ability of the students to think and organize their thought to create such beautiful items.