A wonderful session was conducted by the Rector of Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Borivali, Fr. Solomon Rapol, for the Staff of all the Sections, on 9th July, 2020, on Google Meet. This was the first time the entire staff of the Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Junior College and the NIOS, was meeting together in this Academic Year 2020-21 at one time; far apart physically, and yet, together, as one Don Bosco Family.

The teachers were all welcomed by the Principal, Fr. Flovi D’Souza, after which the Co-ordinators began the session with a Prayer Song, ‘This little light of mine’. Our teacher, Mrs. Pooja Kadam, led the Staff in an Opening Prayer.

Fr. Rector, then welcomed everyone present to the virtual Meet, on behalf of the Management Team and thanked God for this wonderful new way of ‘Being School’ online. Fr. Rector expressed his gratitude to Fr. Wilfred D’Souza and Fr. Aloysius Furtardo for the service they have rendered to the School; and to Mrs. Marina DeSouza, who had offered 45 years of dedicated service to the institution. The new Co-ordinator of the Pre-Primary, Mrs. Molita Rodrigues and the new Youth Co-ordinator, Fr. Renold Lemos, were also welcomed.

As Fr. Rector began his session, he reminded the teachers of a Letter that Don Bosco wrote from Rome, on 10th May 1884. The talk was based on a reflection of our previous Rector Major, Fr. Pascual Chavez on this letter; and spoke about the need to ‘Get back to Voldocco, to our Salesian roots and to the foundation, where it all began’.

Some of the main points that Fr. Rector spoke to the teachers about, were as follows:

  • Knowing how to use the language of love, with charity reason and prayer; and with the same concern, commitment and passion of Don Bosco and the early Salesians, that have set traditions, that every teacher in a Salesian institution can also follow.
  • Understanding young people. Fr. Rector spoke about how every teacher must be ‘in- sync’ with the young; know what pleases them, know their interests, desires, dreams; and then, help each child to achieve their goals.
  • Have happiness at heart. Just as Don Bosco always wanted to see the young happy, we too must always ensure, that our children are brought up in a happy environment, where education of the mind and heart takes place.
  • To be present with the young. The teachers were reminded of the need to accompany the children in non-confronting situations. Walk the journey with them and be with them, not as a policeman; but as a motherly, fatherly, friendly figure.
  • Overcoming formalities. Don Bosco believed that once children know they are loved, they open up. Teachers must therefore, learn to listen to them and connect with them; because once hearts are opened, weaknesses are made known.
  • Sharing of actions and ideas. Fr. Rector spoke about the importance of communication. Once we know about a child, we can help them together, when we share the same with our Co-ordinators and the Principal.

Fr. Rector mentioned how the new academic year 2020-2021, has encouraged all of us to be more creative and innovative, as we learn how to ‘Be School’ in a new way, online. He suggested that we should strike a balance between these new techniques and our normal teaching methods. He also said that since we have a ‘Dream Team’, we will achieve our dream, if we look to the future with One Mission and One Goal.

Fr. also thanked our Junior College Co-ordinator, Ms.Priyam Nagadiya and Fr. Principal for co-ordinating all the online activities.

In conclusion, Fr. Rector spoke about how Don Bosco was a Model Educator, who worked for the poor and was a man ahead of his times. He encouraged his boys to go out and help, during the Plague in Italy in 1864; and how every single boy was safe. Fr. Rector thanked all those who had helped, in many social out-reach activities and had supported everyone, through prayer.

The meeting concluded with the Prayer of Blessing of Mary Help of Christians.

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