Sing a happy song…Whistle a merry tune…and within moments, your day will be much brighter. That’s the Magic of Music. 2020- 2021 has shown us countless instances, of how music can be an instant mood-changer, can fill our hearts with joy and hope and can soothe and calm us, when the circumstances make us feel worried or anxious.

As part of the extended Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the students of the Secondary Section, participated in a Singing Competition on the 11th of August’2021.

This competition was held in two batches and the talents of our students were showcased on YouTube, for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Juniors: Std. 5 – 7 (English Songs from the 80’s)

Seniors: Std. 8 – 10 (English Songs from the 90’s)

It was wonderful to see how enthusiastically our students participated in this competition, selecting great songs, performing them wonderfully, being very creative in their presentations and sending in their recorded videos in large numbers. Since we’ve all been unable to watch our students perform on stage for a long, long time, watching them on screen was a real treat, for everyone who tuned in, including our Management, the teachers, our students, their parents and even other friends and family, who watched the videos. So many of our children are truly blessed with amazing gifts and talents and we are proud of all the children, who registered and participated in the competitions. Of course, there were a few winners, but we were proud of every child, who took part. Thank you, dear students, for filling our day with sunshine, when we heard the melodious sounds of your voices.

We’re grateful to all the 4 Judges who readily accepted our invitation to Judge this online competition, though it involved a lot of time and effort on their part, to sit and watch our children’s videos at home; and then judge them, according to the criteria provided. Their experience in the field of music and their lovely words of encouragement to our students, are truly appreciated. Thank you to all of them.

Juniors Competition: Mr.Haydn Dias and Ms. Larissa Fernandes

Seniors Competition: Ms. Trisha Rego and Mr. Nathan Miles

The students were judged on the Choice of Song, Pitching, Rhythm and Tempo, Voice Modulation and Expression and Overall Presentation.

    The winners of the Competitions were as follows:

 Juniors: 1st place – Ms. Gianna Martis

                2nd place – Mst. Nathan D’Mello

                3rd place – Ms. Gianna D’Souza

Seniors: 1st place – Mst. Aryan Nazareth

                2nd place – Mst. Ethan D’Souza

                3rd place – Mst. Shalom Sarkar and Mst. Nishit Waghela

It was wonderful to see the entire shows hosted by some of our other talented students as well. Keep it up children!

Juniors: Ms. Melany Rodriguez and Mst. Dylan D’Costa.

Seniors: Mst. Carrick Pinto, Mst. Keith D’Costa, Mst. Liam Vaz, Mst. Darius Gomes

Thanks to our Computer Teacher, Mrs. Philomena Carvalho as well, for her painstaking efforts and really long hours, to put the videos together for all the competitions, and to Mst. Nishit Waghela for working on the video for the Seniors Group.

Teachers – in – Charge:

Juniors: Mrs. Philomena Carvalho and Ms. Lynette Sequeira

Seniors: Mrs. Pooja Kadam and Mrs. Sunita Aranha

Admission Open