This year, getting ready for school means more than just books and uniforms. It is something more important than that!
Yes! The health and safety of our students!
When we speak of their health these days, the only word that comes to our mind is ‘ Vaccine’.
Vaccinating students helps us all get back to our normal lives and keeps everyone safer.
We, at Don Bosco, have always kept children’s safety first!
Hence, a vaccination camp had been organised for our students in our school hall today from 11. 30 am onwards. This was the second drive organised by the school with the help of the BMC officials.
Over 110 students were safely vaccinated today and it’s all thanks to Shri Javed Ahaik ( Asst. Commissioner R- Central),
Dr Kawale(Medical Health Officer)
Dr Sneha Walke , Mr. Ankush and the entire BMC team.
Our heartfelt gratitude to our rector, Fr Solomon Rapol, our principal, Fr Flovi D’Souza and Sir Rossi D’Souza, for helping our high school and Junior college students get a step closer to safety!

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