The school bell rings after 20 months …

June 15 ‘22 was a remarkable day for school students in Mumbai as they stepped back into the portals of their school after almost 20 months.
It was no different at Don Bosco, Borivli !
So much of excitement coupled with anxiety…. Armed with satchels on their backs and a broad smile on their faces, our students marched along the corridors….the same smile reflected on their teachers as well… oh! how we longed for them…..
The staff had created an overall mood for the students. Colourful charts and welcome boards adorned the walls. It was a warm welcome here.

The day began at 7.00 am with prayers and a welcome speech by our Principal, Rev Fr Flovi D’Souza. Ms Charusheela, the secondary supervisor, too welcomed them with her comforting words.
The class teachers then took the students through the rules and regulations of the school. The books were distributed thereafter. Being the first day, the students were allowed to go back home early.
It was indeed a very happy day.
Looking forward to have a normal and a fruitful academic year ahead.

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