Two years ago, students had their world turned upside down. Schools closed their doors because of COVID-19, a dangerous new virus that spread quickly through communities worldwide. Since then, we have learned a lot.
Back to School
Sr.Kg. re-opens on the 15th of June 2022.
Jr.Kg. re-opens on the 16th of June 2022.
The schools reopened and students cannot wait to start their schools, meet their friends and teachers. The first day at school is usually filled with familiar faces and welcome-back hugs. However, this year, going back to school was full of anxiousness due to the pandemic as it is still not completely over. Many students are discovering their first day at school isn’t exactly what they’d dreamed, but students are facing difficulty in going back to school. The classes are no longer limited to screens and social interactions are surely beneficial for children.
The day began with one thought “where is my uniform?” From brushing my teeth to tying the shoelaces, It was a constant rush. My mother wanted to know what I would like to take for school lunch but I could only think of how soon I could reach school and meet my friends and teachers. Everything seemed the same yet different. The teachers were welcoming as they had missed us, too. Chocolates were distributed among students as a welcome-back gift. Copying from the blackboard, sneaking out of the classroom, falling asleep, I could relive all these moments that had become memories. To sum up the day, it was a good one, but also a tiring one.
It was nice to go back to school after so many days. We were able to meet our classmates and teachers. Face-to-face interaction creates a stronger bond and that is what we realised today. Strict COVID-safety rules were in place. Our teachers were particular about hand sanitising and wearing masks. All these things reminded us that it was the New Normal. But we were happy to be back to our school life.

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