Rainy Article Making Competition


Don Bosco Primary Section recently hosted an exciting “Rainy Article” competition for students from standard 1 to 4, centered around the theme of “Best Out of Waste.” This event aimed to foster creativity and environmental consciousness among young minds.

Students were encouraged to create unique and useful items using waste materials, demonstrating their ability to think innovatively and sustainably.

The judging panel had the challenging task of selecting the best 10 articles from each class. The selected works showcased remarkable ingenuity and artistic skills, highlighting the students’ potential and dedication to environmental care.

Winners were awarded certificates of excellence, recognizing their outstanding efforts and encouraging them to continue thinking creatively and sustainably. The “Rainy Article” competition not only celebrated the students’ talents but also emphasized the importance of recycling and waste management from a young age.

Admission Open for Junior College
Admission Open for Junior Coll