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Don Bosco High School, a minority institute run by the Salesian Society has been recognized right from the outset but gets no grant-in-aid from the government.


In the year 1970 the Salesian Fathers started an apostolic school under the St. Paul’s High School with just 3 classes – Std. IX, X,XI named after the great missionary St. Paul. The Fathers saw the growing demand for a school for the children of the area as the exodus from the south was just beginning. So in 1971 the Fathers managed to obtain from the department permission to open Std VIII and IX.

The school expanded and the divisions doubled themselves in each class in course of time.Today the school has achieved remarkable standard in all areas.

The school that began its life with 13 boys in Standards VIII and 30 in IX is proud today to have more than 2000 students on its records from the Junior KG to Junior college and the NIOS. The system of education based on Don Bosco’s Principles – Reason, Religion and Kindness – became well-known to all those who came in contact with the school.

With the noble motto “Virtus in Arduis”, Virtue conquers hardships, the Fathers, Brothers and the members of the staff have toiled for its growth with single-minded commitment; as a result the school has grown to its present dimension and risen to prominence in the eyes of the people and Education department. The school inspections which have taken place have brought commendable reports to the credit of the staff and management

Don Bosco is perceived as a school apart, for it has a fine blend of academics, sports and culture.Considering the numerous activities that take place all the year round one wonders how do they achieve success! Well,the secret is precise pre-planning with perfect execution . A true testament to this claim are the innumerable laurels won by the students in every pitch. Be it in the field of sports or proving their mettle in the academic arena, we leave our mark certainly! Don Bosco sends up on an average over one hundred and twenty students every year and we have proudly been achieving a commendable cent percent results for a decade consistently. A remarkable feat indeed!. This in itself speaks volumes about the overall academic performance of the school.

Don Bosco schools have a rich tradition of co-curricular activities which are meant to enable the pupils to acquire interest in field events and thus lead to a harmonious development of physical, moral, aesthetic and intellectual life. Every pupil is required to participate in one or more of these activities according to his interest and aptitude.

The student council works hard to create a platform for nurturing leaders of tomorrow.Filled with passion loyalty and service to the school, they work towards a healthy and vivacious school environment –  in the hope to create a sense of belonging for the student population and staff.

The current strength of the student council is 30 members. Besides these, every class has a set of 10 leaders each to lead their respective groups. This has imbibed them with a sense of responsibility towards the school in every true sense.

The school has a large spacious computer lab which  State-of-the-art which can house more than 60 computers so that each student gets the hold of the keyboard and instructions on a one-to-one basis.

The interactive boards make learning more interesting and effective. The children enjoy learning and this enhances their cognitive development. This audio visual technology has made a great impact on their learning skills.

A library plays a very vital role in life of a student as it helps in developing their love for reading. Our well stocked and updated library is proud to offer to all its students and teachers a large array of books and periodicals,

The school has on its premises a very patient and an affectionate councilor who helps the parents and children according to their needs.

For a better functioning of the school, the principal, Rev. Fr. Donald Fernandez assisted by the secondary supervisor, has installed five important councils in place; viz. Academic, Sports, Health & Hygiene and Value education, Discipline and Cultural council. Each council has a set of teachers in charge to follow up on the numerous activities that they conduct.

The pioneer efforts made during the initial years have borne rich fruits during these 46 years. The school has kept up with changing times and responded to the needs of students. Today the school commands respect from all for its standard of education, discipline and sports giving back to the society a true and a responsible citizen.

Our Vision

We the Salesians of Don Bosco inspires by the preferential love of Christ the Good Shepherd for the poor, and Don Bosco’s prediction for poor and disadvantaged youth, are an educating community committed to the education of the whole person in the spirit and style of Don Bosco accompanying the youth in their journey of formation towards becoming mature apostles among their peers, builders of a Christian community as women and men of Christian conscience,commitment,competency,and social responsibility.

The vision of Don Bosco Borivili, “Virtue conquers Hardship”  instills in every student deep conviction to be virtuous at all times by training their Head,Heart and Hands.

Our Mission

Our Goal therefore, is Integral Education, to which Don Bosco Borivli is primarily commited and towards which it directs all talents,activities and energies.

Integral Education embraces :

  • Inculcating moral uprightness
  • Developing physical and aesthetic talents
  • Fostering intellectual skills and competence
  • Training in occupational skills
  • Furthering cultural development and social integration.

Our Education Method

At Don Bosco Borivli, the process of education consists in involving young people, their parents or guardians together with the Management and Staff in an atmosphere of family to form an Educative Community.

 The Educational method hinges on three basic principles :

  • Reason
  • Faith in God
  • Loving Kindness

Based on the conviction that the heart of education is the education of the heart. Don Bosco Borivli aims at transforming our students into honest citizens, who will take their rightful place and play a responsible role in the society.

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Salesians of Don Bosco

Don-BoscoThe Founder – Don Bosco – A man with a vision and a mission.

St. John Bosco was born in Turin, Italy in 1815. When he was two years old, his father died. This future saint, raised by his mother, experienced the pains of poverty at a very tender age. John’s future work was inspired by a dream he had at the age of nine. He wanted to become a priest, especially to assist youth. In order to pursue his dream John had to leave home at a young age to join the city school. Being bigger than his classmates, he was often the object of much ridicule. Little did they know at what cost John finished his schooling. After school he worked as a tailor, a cobbler or a waiter, often studying by candle light late into the night. On completing his education he began his studies to be a priest.

John Bosco was ordained a priest at the age of twenty-six. He was now called Don [Father] Bosco. He immediately began his work with orphans. He opened a hospice for boys where his mother served as the housekeeper. He not only fed the homeless boys whom he took in but also provided them with opportunities for livelihood skills. He spent long hours teaching them to read and write; he also taught them tailoring and shoemaking and quickly set up a printing press. Above all, he created a family atmosphere of trust and caring. Those who helped him were amazed at the transformation in several youngsters.

Soon those associated with Don Bosco and his work began to accept him as their father and guide. Some expressed their desire to become like him. And so, the Salesian Society consisting of priests and lay brothers was born. (The word ‘Salesian’ was derived from St Francis de Sales, a saintly bishop noted for his gentle kindness and holiness. Don Bosco chose him as his personal model and later as the patron of his society.)

The greatest gift that Don Bosco has left posterity is his unique way of educating, a method that was inspired by his one magnificent obsession: “It is enough to know that you are young and abandoned for me to love you very much.”

More than a century after the death of Don Bosco, thousands of people have dedicated themselves to the continuation if his apostolic love for young people all over the world. Their mission is to be “signs and bearers of God’s love to the young.”

The “Salesians of Don Bosco” is an international society founded by Don Bosco. Catholic priests and Brothers who are members of the Society work for the development and education of the young especially those most at risk. Through its 3000 Schools, Colleges, Technical schools and youth centers in 125 countries, the Salesians of Don Bosco serve all young people irrespective of religious differences or social inequalities.

In India, Don Bosco Educational institutions are spread all over the country and are in great demand. The style of education consists in involving young people, their parents or guardians and the educators in a family atmosphere. The method adopted is one that was lived and handed down by Don Bosco himself -“The Preventive System” based on Reason, Faith in God and Loving Kindness. The goal is Integral Education. This embraces developing physical and aesthetic talents, training in occupational skills, fostering intellectual skills and competence, furthering cultural development and integration with others, including moral uprightness.

Rev. Fr. Solomon Rapol 2018 –
Rev. Fr. William Falcao 2012 – 2018
Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes 2006 – 2012
Rev. Fr. Colbert Da Silva 2003 – 2006
Rev. Fr. Corlis Gonsalves 2000 – 2003
Rev. Fr. Mario Vaz 1994 – 2000
Rev. Fr. Vivian D’Souza 1991 – 1994
Rev. Fr. Nelson Carvalho 1985 – 1991
Rev. Fr. Desmond Paes 1982 – 1985
Rev. Fr. Elias Dias 1977 – 1982
Rev. Fr. Joseph Menezes 1975 – 1977
Rev. Fr. Wilfred D’Souza 1974 – 1975
Rev. Fr. Anthony Alessi 1970 – 1974
Rev. Fr. Flovi D’Souza 2016 –
Rev. Fr. Donald Fernandez 2014 – 2016
Rev. Fr. George Carlos 2009 – 2014
Rev. Fr. Bosco D’Mello 2003 – 2009
Rev. Fr. Bonnie Borges 2000 – 2003
Rev. Fr. Dominic Almeida 1995 – 2000
Rev. Fr. Anaclete D’Mello 1988 – 1995
Rev. Fr. Edward D’Souza 1986 – 1988
Rev. Fr. Dominic Almeida 1980 – 1986
Rev. Fr. John Samala 1978 – 1980
Rev. Fr. Joseph Menezes 1976 – 1978
Rev. Fr. Joseph P 1971 -1976
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