Principal’s Desk


It is the right of every individual and group at Don Bosco, Borivali to have a peaceful and dignified educational experience without being hindered by the behaviour or attitude of others. In order that this should happen, it is essential that every member of the School/Jr. College community is:

  • Considerate    –  Respecting everyone else as an individual; making sure that words and actions do not  cause inconvenience or offence to anybody.
  • Courteous       – Being polite and helpful at all times.
  • Co-operative   –  Being willing to work with others.
  • Friendly           –  Being on good terms with others.
  • Hardworking   –  Doing our best.
  • Honest             –  Being truthful, respecting the property of other people and School/Jr. College.
  • Trustworthy      – Accepting that others genuinely want help and want to help.
  • Responsible      –  Being reliable and responsible for our actions, behaving as part of a community.

What this means in Practice is that We should all do the following :

  • Be Punctual                    – Avoid late arrival
  • Speak Considerately      – Avoid shouting, swearing and offensive language.
  • Be ready for Lessons      – Have the necessary materials.
  • Clear up                           –  After lessons and break time.
  • Move in an Orderly Way  –  Avoid running and use paths; hold doors open for other people.
  • Negotiate                          – If we know there might be a problem, go and talk to someone about it.
  • Respect                            – For Parents, Teachers and Authority.
  • Readiness                        – Be prepared for any challenge.                                                   


Rev. Fr. Flovi D’Souza, Principal

Admission Open for CBSE