Blue House Week

Blue House Week : 3rd to 6th October 2023.

Teachers incharge were Miss Cordelia, Mital, Suzan, Yogita and Sandra.
3rd October : Introduction to the colour blue and batches were distributed to the blue house students only.Miss Sandra Fernandes did the Introduction to the colour blue. She spoke about blue things found in nature. The earth, sky, the ocean, planets, precious stone, etc. and the significance of the colour blue. How the colour blue stimulates the mind and aids concentration. She also introduced the two leaders of Blue House that are Mahatma Gandhi and John Bosco.

4th October : Miss Suzan spoke of the life of Mahatma Gandhi and also shared a video on the primary drive about Mahatma Gandhi his principles , education, and ideologies.The students were shown this video in their respective classrooms.A
Colouring Activity was also given to the students on this day The children enjoyed doing the same.

5th October : Miss Cordelia spoke about our second leader, John Bosco. How John Bosco fulfilled the dream he saw.He worked for the youth and instilled in them love for God.The
Blue House children also had a show and tell activity in which they had brought objects in blue and had to speak a few lines.Children enjoyed the activity and the best students were awarded well done cards for the same.

6th October : Miss Mital had the Blue House Quiz competition. The questions pertained to different addresses conducted during the week. Well-done cards were given to those who answered all 10 quiz questions right.
A blue house parade was conducted in which a few students dressed like Mahatma Gandhi and John Bosco they went around to every class and spoke a few words about these leaders

It was an enjoyable ‘ Blue House Week’ with the guidance of our HeadMistress Miss Grenita, cooperation of the blue house teachers and the whole primary staff and students participation with lovely Blue house charts and hoardings in Blue. Children had an enjoyable week.Thank you.


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