Christmas article making competition

The festival of Christmas undoubtedly holds a great significance across the world, especially for the Christians or those who follow Christianity. Everyone, particularly children eagerly wait for the festival as they receive loads of gifts, sweets and surprises on this day. Christmas is an annual festival and celebrated on 25th of December in the honour of Jesus Christ who taught the path of peace and harmony to people. This is an occasion for people to meet their loved ones, leave behind all their worries and come together for merry-making.

It is declared a gazetted holiday in India and the celebration of this festival is highly noticeable at places where Christians are in majority. People exchange sweets with each other; the entire city gets illuminated with star like lights. People decorate their respective houses, including their surroundings and some follow the native rituals by displaying clay figures and decorating huge Christmas trees, which are usually an evergreen conifer such as fir, pine or spruce.

We at Don Bosco School Primary Section had Christmas article making competition on the 19th of December, children enjoyed making the different articles for Christmas like Santa’s mask, the X’mas tree, star, holly wreath. the best were awarded with certificates.All the classes were well decorated.

Admission Open for CBSE