Patriotic Singing and Dance Competition

The importance of any day is when we celebrate it together. We at our Don Bosco Family with full zest and enthusiasm celebrated the 75th Independence Amrita Mahotsav 2022 of India by staging a Patriotic Singing Competition and a Patriotic Dance Competition from the Primary Section.
The Singing pitch, tunes, and the melodies sung by our students of Std I and II was soothing, pleasing and inspiring to our ears and soul. Each vibrating heart was filled with platinum Loyalism.
How can we miss out our III and IV Std DonBoscoites?
Images create imprints intrinsically and extrinsically. We live and cherish each moment that was stimulus to these images. The feet tapping ,soul stirring, value awakening dances reflecting the unflinching FAITH to BHARAT-Our Motherland was definitely worth a salute by the great spectators, judges and off course each and every member of our family who put in untiring efforts .WE BELIEVE THE SHOW MUST GO ON and it did with a solemn pledge to Our Mother India! Our Don Boscoites in the arena of the Don Bosco Family were heard in one voice in Singing ,in unison in presentation in Dancing. So who smiled with a gleam on Our Bharat mata and us “THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME BEING.”
Jai Hind,Jai Bharat !

Admission Open for CBSE