Rainy Season Competitions

WOW !  finally it’s the rainy season, the season most loved by kids,  the pitpit patter of the rain drops bring creative ideas to the young  minds  .  

So here we had these creative minds at work . Rainy season  competitions  organised for Std 1 to 4 ( S.S.C and  C.B.S.E)  on 26th June 2023.

Std 1 & 2 had rainy article coloring competition, while grade 3 & 4 had rainy article making competition. Children were all very excited for the 1st Academic class competitions . Grade 1 & 2 colouring skills were amazing with lovely colour combinations where as 

Std 3 & 4 made creative articles  . The 10 best  article winners were awarded with certificates.

Admission Open for CBSE