Green House Week (Primary Section)

The tranquility and refreshness of the Greenhouse week from18th -22nd July in the Primary section

The tranquility and refreshness of ‘The Greenhouse week’ touched everyone and created an aura of positivity bringing in nature among us. The printing creativity done by children on pears, dinosaurs ,frogs and trees added  to the Don Bosco High School  building, in midst of its  natural inhabitat. Each class was the conglomeration of the Unique green objects and our young dynamic and skill orators spoke on the object that they had carried.

The finale was marked by the teachers smiling in green attire and the Greenhouse students proudly beaming with freshness in the green apparel, getting a chance to feel free with nature. It was wonderful during recess time when each child opens the tiffin with nothing less than what was Green green peas samosa party, green enriched basket salad, coriander green nutritious parathas, and the list of lip smacking eatables can go on ….

Customised and especially made vegetarian and jain foodstuff  for  teachers  was a touch of the red colour showering love on their teachers. We were moved indeed. The greenhouse day culminated on Friday was marked with prosperity tranquility and freshness.  Yes !We believe that green House leaders  Mst.Mickey Magoney and Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru  have motivated each one of us .Green inspired us to lay the foundation of caring and nurturing our mother nature so that this foundation builds the future of our present generation.



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