Greenline 2022- 2022

Don Bosco High School and junior college had their first greenline session in the A V hall at 11 pm. The session was attended by the green line students of Std 8th and 9th, college captains, Ms Hemanti from the college section and Greenline teachers Ms Saira, Ms Diana Machado and Ms Sunita. The Greenline team comprised of Ms Sandra – program co-ordinator, Ms Ashwini – Greenline Lifestyle initiative and Mr Druvesh – volunteer for green line campaign

The session began with welcoming all gathered for the seminar. A video of the hymn All things bright and beautiful was shown to bring out the beauty of creation and the importance of the creator. The topic for today was Climate change. First, the difference between climate and weather was taken to understand the concept of climate. This was followed by understanding the changes in climate, the impact of climate change on nature and human life, reasons for climatic change, greenhouse gases, how a living organism example a frog can affect the Ecosystem, Mumbai climate action plan. The discussion included ppt and videos to explain these topics.

The task for July- Climate scientist and for August- monsoon explorer was explained to the audience. The program ended with Ms Diana Machado thanking the Greenline team and MST Shlok presented a sapling as a token of gratitude to the greenline team

Admission Open for CBSE