Green House week

Primarily instilling the goodness of green. 

The green house week celebration reflected  NUTURE NATURE,EAT HEALTHY GREENS, YES WE CARE FOR MOTHER EARTH.

It started with  the  introductory speeches of our 1st leader Michael Magone- The reformed student of Donbosco  and our 2nd leader Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru- The first Prime Minister of Free India.

Activities in full swing were in active action through out the Primary Section. Our nature lovers  recycled plastic bottles into beautiful flower decorative piece.We had green chains of unity to bind us together.We had hand palm trees  and comprehensive  display of green animal on leafy trees highlighting the beauty of corridors and  soft boards.The prosperity  and calmness of the colour green  dwelled upon us.The care of herbal plants, medicinalplants, shrubs, flowering and fruit bearing plants which were nourished by our donboscoited spread freshness and warmth in our new school building.

Value Education through audio visual aids was imparted by showing movies of animated fauna and flora.

The recitation of I will protect the forests, made the kids solemly pledge to NUTURE NATURE. There was a walk on the ramp with students  dressed  as green vegetables, fruits , cartoon characters showcased creativity and stage presence as well as dialogue delivery.

Melodious songs on colour green and taking a green trail to our school green tree plantation done by higher std  was an added feature. 

Finally we had the green tiffin day , green riddles and our cute donboscoites dressed to impress in green brought life and living motivation. 

 **Green’s traditional hue relates to nature and life. It’s the color of choice for almost any environmental movement (think “go green”).

Admission Open for CBSE