Reader’s Day

Reader’s Day Extravaganza: A Whimsical Celebration at Don Bosco School


Don Bosco School transformed into a realm of enchantment as students from class 1 to 4 donned in delightful costumes of nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters, brought beloved stories to life during the Reader’s Day celebration.

The day commenced with the enchanting sight of little ones dressed as characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Each child stepped forward, speaking passionately about their chosen character.

The magic continued with a lively quiz that tested the students’ knowledge of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. From iconic characters to enchanting plots, the quiz not only entertained but also reinforced the educational aspect of storytelling, making learning a joyous experience.

The creative spirit soared during the coloring activity, where children expressed their imagination by bringing scenes from their favorite tales to life on paper. This hands-on engagement emphasized the importance of visualizing stories and fostering artistic expression among the young minds.

As the day unfolded, students gathered for a special screening of a classic fairy tale movie. The cinematic experience added a multimedia dimension to the celebration, allowing children to witness the magic of storytelling.

The celebration took a heart warming turn when parents and grandparents stepped into the spotlight. With storytelling sessions tailored for each class, these storytellers transported the young audience into worlds of wonder, weaving narratives that resonated with warmth and familial love. This personal touch not only enriched the literary experience but also reinforced the importance of storytelling as a cherished tradition.

Admission Open for CBSE