Salad Making Activity – Grade 4 (CBSE)

Children were allowed to choose any one (vegetable or fruit salad) children’s choice.
The veggies and fruits were cut from home. The assembling and the dressing of the salad was done in school.
Children were super excited to do the activity. As they started with the activity you could see the smile on their faces. Once the assembling of the salad was done. The creativity was seen in the muskmelon basket loaded with fruits. The beautiful coconut kiwi trees, the fluttering butterflies and the swimming fish. It was an assortment of healthy and balanced fruit salad.
The teacher clicked pictures of the kids along with the presentation of the salad. The Children and teachers were called to taste and see the presentation and creativity of the children. And a write up along with the ingredients and the recipe of the salad will be written in the project book.

Admission Open for CBSE