Soul searching with Fr Francisco. !

An interactive seminar on personal growth and development was conducted by Fr. Francisco Pereira , the Rector and manager of Dominic Savio High School, Andheri , on 13 January 2024.

Over 100 teachers of Don Bosco, educational complex, Borivali, participated in this conference.

The session began with the principal of the school and Junior college, Rev Fr. Flovi D’Souza, introducing Fr. Francisco, who very fondly known as Fr. Franco, to the group. The participants were indeed very lucky to have such an eminent and experienced speaker, who has served the province in various capacities like that of a vice principal, an Administrator and a Rector. He has also had the privilege to be a liturgist for the papal visit to Bahrain. Fr Franco conducts seminars for teachers, students and catechists and is much sought after.

Fr Pereira divided the session into two parts. The first one dwelling on the deeper facets of the Lord’s prayer – The Our Father. He emphasized upon the power in the name of God. When a person prays, he/she becomes powerful and the same power could be used both positively as well as negatively. How does a teacher use this power is a question that he left the audience with.

As a seminar proceeded through various examples and anecdote, he very interestingly, brought out the pertinent points like “Accepting the will of God without any questions!” and “Forgiving others as one wants to be forgiven!”

After a short break, Fr Pereira commenced the session with a fascinating activity on following instructions. Through this activity, he brought out an important point on how necessary it is to follow instructions in our lives.

Another compelling activity was when he divided the participants into groups of five and gave them a jigsaw puzzle to be placed into a perfect square with each piece representing one group, namely, the management, the staff, the parents and the children. A meaningful lesson on placing the child at the centre of our life was brought out through this act.

Many such activities were helpful in bringing out the true essence of a teacher and bringing about awareness of how a true teacher should be.

Although a short session, but a powerful one! The staff of the school as well as the college expressed their gratitude to Fr Franco and hoped to have similar seminars in the near future.

The audience were left wanting for more!

Admission Open for CBSE