Annual Staff Picnic

A day full of fun , enjoyment,relaxation, entertainment, and excitement for our Don Bosco staff and management .

The staff of DB was asked to meet at the Gorai Jetty at 8:00 am,where we had to board a ferry and go to the otherside of Gorai and from there a bus was

 ready waiting for us to take us to Manori. As we traveled by the traveler, we enjoyed the view outside with beautiful mountains, beautiful greenery around ,

 lovely big houses , and bungalows .

We reached the venue we all were super excited to see the place there were 3 swimming pools,lovely rooms,a bungalow ,lovely place to sit and relax. 

The management had made very good arrangements for all of us where we could

 really sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Breakfast was served,after breakfast, all were ready to jump into the pool. The ones outside enjoyed the dancing.

Then we had plenty of games like fishing the bottle, 

Bursting the balloon, the balloon dance with your partner,the mixed fruit dance and  the best of all dressing your partner and walking up the ramp.We enjoyed 

Stthe games it was really fun we were just like kids.

Then we were served hot,super delicious, and tasty lunch. Wow, and don’t miss the desert the malai kulfi.

Then we played antakashri, and some danced.

And with a hot cup of coffee and snacks, our day of fun and enjoyment came to an end.We all left the place carrying along with us good fun and cherished memories.


Admission Open for CBSE