Patriotic Singing and Dance Competition

15th August, Independence day 2023.As the Indian Flag flutters high and the National Anthem resounds,the spirit of freedom echoes in every citizen’s heart,motivating them to work towards a stronger, more prosperous and inclusive India. Independence Day is not just a celebration of the past,it is a collective pledge to uphold the spirit of democracy for generations to come.

We the Boscoites started with a week’s celebration with our little angels of Grade 1&2 performing the singing competition  and grade 3&4 had a dance competition based on patriotic songs.The students and teachers put in a lot of effort for this wonderful event. Children enjoyed the event to the fullest. The competition was too tough for the judges to judge as every class performance was one better than the other and each one gave their best . The winners were awarded with  certificates.

And finally we ended our  patriotic week with the students colouring beautiful national symbols. The classrooms were well decorated with beautiful Independence day charts ,our national symbols and many beautiful things based on patriotism.

Happy 76th Independence day to all.

Admission Open for CBSE