We Celebrated Red House Week here at Don Bosco Borivli from the 24th to the 28th of July.
The Incharge Teachers of the Red House – Ms. Sonal, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Gloria, Ms. Yogita, Ms.
Navina and Ms. Serena, planned and executed this week to be fun and educational for the

DAY 1-our Co-ordinator Mrs .Grenita Machado announced the opening of this week, which got
students excited to the fullest. Information on the Red House leader Micheal Rua who was a
pillar in the forming of the Salesian Army started by St. Don Bosco was given by Teacher Sonal.

Day 2-Ms. Cheryl informed us about the second Red House Leader, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Later
during the day, we had a Red picture Colouring Competition held across the entire Primary

Day3- the Red House Week was focused on the theme of love, especially parental love. Being
Parents Day, two students from std 3rd, recited a poem for parents and said a prayer for them
respectively. Ms. Navina organized a Quiz Competition based on the Red House Leader.
Children answered with awe and enthusiasm.The students who answered the quiz were given a
well done card for the correct answer given.
On the fourth Day, sadly we experienced a heavy downpour and we had a holiday to stay home
and stay safe.

The Final day of the Red House Week began with lovely poems recited by Ms. Gloria on the
colour red. Later during the day, we celebrated Red Tiffin Day. Students belonging to the Red
House wore Red Coloured clothes on this day.
Overall, the Red House Week was full of joy and excitement. Children enjoyed and we as
teachers were glad to see smiles on their sweet faces.And the red house week came to an end.

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