Visitors Program

Visitors’ visit was held on the 4th of October for Grade 3 CBSE. 

The topic was a session on Human Body, Health, Nutrition, and Safe Touch .

Doctor Pires was the speaker for the day.

She started the session with an activity song – Head ,shoulders, knees, and  toes where it was like a little exercise for the students .The kids enjoyed doing the action song. Then, she further started with a story  explaining how we need to keep ourselves clean .She further explained to them how they needed to keep their selves clean.Then she explained about the food and good nutrition the children should have and why should we have good nutritious food.

Safe touch also was very beautifully explained to the girls as well as the boys.

All the above explanations were done with the help of  lovely power point presentation and videos to help the students understand the topics easily. 

The children enjoyed the session they had a question answer session, and the doctor answered the students very nicely and patiently.

Thanks to Our Principal Father Flovi D’Souza, Our Coordinator Ms Grenita Machado, for having such a program where our students get more information and are educated on different topics of life.

Admission Open for CBSE